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Sandra Wheeler has long searched for ways to promote and grow her music right here in North Carolina, rather than relocating to Nashville or some other music center. Over the years she has met many like-minded musicians, singers, and songwriters, and has developed a desire in her heart to assist the promotion of the independent music artist in North Carolina.

To this end she has established the North Carolina Music Network and is editor of the Music Review, a newsletter dedicated to providing a vehicle for local artists to be promoted, informed, and supported by fellow artists.

Performing under the stage name of Sandy River, her music has been labeled "pop country laced with blues." Over the years, she has performed on many state and local levels. She recorded her first album in 1987 in Nashville, Tennessee. Since that time, she has recorded two more albums. Her latest album, titled "Winding My Way Back", was produced in its entirety right here in our own state of North Carolina. Produced under the name of North Carolina Music Network, the proceeds of the compilation have gone toward the advancement of other independent music artists. Sandra has also conducted seminars on the "business of music", teaching what to expect, what is expected of you, how to design portfolios, and how to find a suitable recording studio for your individual needs.

A special cause dear to her heart is encouraging the youth of our state to learn and become involved expressing themselves through music. "Every young person seeks to be identified and validated. It is in my heart to teach and encourage them to learn to express themselves through the universal language of music."

"A voice of the local music community,
A catalyst to the majors!" 

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