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Questions Frequently Asked:

What is an IMA?

An IMA is any Independent performing music artist who is not affiliated with a major label.
IMA—Independent Music Artist

How do I become an NCMN Listing?

To become a five-star listing, Click here.

Can I afford to be listed with NCMN?

Listing fees are nominal for the asking. Basic $35.00. Additional opportunities offered and priced separately.

What is a Five-Star listing?

A Five-Star listing is a basic NCMN listing. Includes a picture of the artist and a
brief bio to let others know you are a performing artrist.

Are there other opportunities for listing?

A list of greater opportunities of exposure can be found on the Application page, listed on main menu.

Is there an age limit for becoming an NCMN Listing?

Performing artists must be eighteen years of age, or have the signature consent of a parent or guardian. Signature required on Application.

What kind of music is NCMN associated with?

NCMN is appreciative of all styles of music, however, clean and wholesome lyrical
content is a must. Subject to approval.

What do I do to perform my talents in an NCMN Showcase?

You do not have to be listed with NCMN, however, if we don't know you are out we can not choose to invite you in. Notify us. If we have performing places available you may receive an invitation.

Can I be listed if I am from out of state?

If you are not a resident of North Carolina you may still become an NCMN Listing, showcased in a performing event, attend any activity NCMN sponsors, however, you may not participate in the Scholarship Program.

How do I get tickets to NCMN Showcases?

Contact Us if an address for ticket pick up is not specified for a certain event.

How do I get NCMN to endorse my talents?

NCMN will be glad to endorse your talents, resumes, CD recordings, etc., if you have an established and current NCMN listing. Contact Us.

How do I grow my status as an NCMN Listing?

There are different levels of professionalism to be accomplished within the boundaries of NCMN Listings format. The basic being the Five-Star Listing, which is first required. The Blue Star Spotlight, and Limelight.

What is the Blue Star Spotlight?

The Blue Star Spotlight is for the more professional music artist, who wishes to promote his or her talents more fully. Subject to NCMN approval.

What is Limelight?

Limelight is an NCMN media giveaway, to the music artist who has succeeded in moving his or her music to a level of greater performance. Earning the status of having moved his or her craft to the fore front, Limelight is a selective feature on the NCMN menu.

Can I sell my CD's through NCMN?

If you are an established NCMN Listing, you may sell your CD's on the CD's for Sale page, however, a Link straight to your personal email is required, as NCMN does not receive any percentages of CD sales.

Can I download NCMN website pages for sharing information with others?

You may run off printed copies of NCMN pages for informational purposes only, however, you must copy the whole page, displaying NCMN logo, etc, and not just excerpts from the page. Be aware that NCMN holds copyright privilege to original printed material.

How do I contact NCMN personally?

Contact Us first by email and we will be glad to return your call.

Goals and Purposes

Who We Are

The North Carolina Music Network (NCMN) is a body of independent music artists who believe the way to success is through supporting one another. Standing apart from the industry at large the independent music artist believes he or she need not be alone. In a world where there are no set avenues those listed in the NCMN are pledged to help one another in finding their way in the world of music--being in the know by drawing support from those who share their same dream.

What We Do

The North Carolina Music Network brings together the Independent Music Artist for the purpose of exposure, training and stage experience.  Believing there is strength in numbers we are joined together.  By supporting the Independent Music Artist we hope to bring to the forefront the best of North Carolina and the nation’s talent.

Join With Us

If you are a musician, singer, songwriter, sound engineer, light technician, or just a lover of music, if you believe in coming together as a force of support to strengthen others, allow NCMN to list you.  Your listing is an investment in the future of the Independent Music Artist.

"A voice of the local music community,
A catalyst to the majors!" 

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