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February 2013 Update...

Welcome to the new "look" of the North Carolina Music Network!
We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to hearing from you.

If you are an Independent Music Artist(IMA) the you have hit the right spot!
Here at NCMN IMAs are in our biggest interest. We want to provide a place for everyone to be together
because 2 is better than 1, and 40 is WAY better than 1!

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Artist of the Month

Maria Cox

(757) 947- 7752

"Major labels should pay attention to this young lady, she's extremely talented, well-educated and has a personality and demeanor that defies her young age. She has an extremely good ear for music and her personality is unassuming and genuine. Hats off and 5 stars to Maria Cox."

- Barney Conway (Grammy and Dove nominated engineer and songwriter/producer and performer)

With a smooth and sultry sound, this upcoming singer/songwriter is making her stamp on the music scene. Aspired by artists such as Adele, the Beatles, Leona Lewis, Sade, and many others, she brings her own twist and colorful personality with her. Singing with her college group, she has toured from the east to the west coast as well as overseas, and was able to debut one of her very own singles in San Diego. With a B.S. in Music and a concentration in Industry, this talented young lady not only has the pipes, but has the experience in engineering, live and studio performance, as well as production. Interning with some of the world's leading engineers such as Grammy award winning engineer Ted Etheridge and multi-platinum record producer Thomas Taliaferro, has led her to aspire not only to be a talented singer/songwriter, but the "Jane of all trades. "

"A voice of the local music community,
A catalyst to the majors!" 

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