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Dear Little Fox

Don't Wait!!!

Dear Little Fox,

As an Independent Music Artist there are many things to bear in mind. Having for many years faced the road alone, in the coming months I will try to cover, in your behalf, a tidbit of information. As you probably well know there is a lot to learn, and most of it is going to be up to you, the IMA.

RULE #1 - Don't wait for a Major Label to rescue you.

As you travel the road to a musical career, perusing the fondest of your musical goals, it is wise to keep in mind that you will need to earn a living, until the time your desired musical accomplishments are met. I know this is not a popular concept, but it is a necessary means to a successful end. As you well know, the world of music has a mind of it's own. Be prepared!

Yours Truly,

Sandy River

Scholarship Showcase

Dear Little Fox,

I can only express myself in awe of the North Carolina talent that was displayed, stage front--Scholarship Showcase 1000, "September Trials". Talent that measured far beyond previous expectations was met face to face. As six finalists were chosen by the judges, let me say to those of you who are still waiting in the wings...please be encouraged. The stage having now been set please allow me to remind you that this is not a nine inning ball game but merely a game played win. Each and every one of you, having the ability and tenacity for moving forward, need not be surprised when someday you find yourself standing--full center stage. So once again let me encourage you to stay with the program, Stay in touch as we take flight together.

Yours Truly,

Sandy River

Little Foxes

Dear Little Fox,

By now you have received my letter of introduction. And if you have read the content of the NCMN Website, you know me- who I am and what I am about. You will note the "Independent Music Artist" not only of North Carolina but the nation at large has my heart. You are the most important part of the music industry at large so, from this day forward I will refer to you as "the little foxes of the field"-for without you the whole of the music industry would not exist.

Although your name "Little Fox" may not be up in lights, you are still an integral part of the whole spectrum of this crazy business of music. That is why I feel a calling to gain for you some sort of recognition. Since there is only room at the top for some 2% of you in the music industry at large, NCMN has dedicated itself to making a notable place for you-the other 98%. It is our hope and desire you find satisfaction in the support you will gain by being connected with others who share your same dream. Make note that as a listing of NCMN you will never be left out of the loop, and you will always be a Star.

In closing let me say that you are welcome to email us through the web at any time. In response to your concerns- on the "Dear Little Fox" page- I will be making new entries often. If you will stay connected with us through the web, joining with us in our efforts for you- together we can become a force to be reckoned with. Until we meet again, keep on making SWEET MUSIC.


Sandy River

Be Professional

Dear Little Fox,

I have noticed that the IMA who has the most professionalism is the IMA that keeps on singing....even when the music stops. Believe me when I say this.... Professionalism is all about attitude. I have seen first hand... professionalism in its truest form... right on the NCMN stage. Let me give you some examples:

Artist #1—A defect in the accompanying music where the cd simply got stuck. The performing artist simply continued the song out to the it's very end. The professionalism of the IMA never missed a beat, and then knowing the music track so well...the music was hardly even missed.

Artist#2—Technical difficulties in the sound set up was the case in the first performance of the evening. The professionalism of the IMA in case began performance and continued as though the sound was in perfect place. Without proper sound or feed back the artist continued performing at best until technical difficulties were overcome.

Artist #3—A fellow IMA was getting ready to perform when it was discovered that their selected sound tract was defective, unusable. The professionalism of “fellow artist” began immediately, working diligently, trying to find replacement for the sound track among their own. Case in point...true professionalism is not afraid of competition but lends itself as a helping hand.

Allow me now to say, dear IMA, professionalism boils down to knowing exactly who you are and what you are about—Making Sweet Music—whatever the case may be.

Yours truly,

Sandy River


Dear Little Fox..

As of late I have had the privilege of seeing on display some wonderful teachable attitudes, and as it appears that neat things are happening for you let me say that I am most of all impressed by your ability to stay with the program. It has been stated many times that there are no set avenues, only to be moving straightforward at a gentle pace, one that suits your individual skills and needs. So please be reminded always to set new goals for yourself, but also always to remember- "It is only by the acknowledgment of our limitations that we can truly know our strengths."

Sandy River

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