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First Edition                                                                                                                                       December 10, 2009

Editor and Chief
Sandra Wheeler.

As a lot of things pass our way only
to go unnoticed or forgotten
NCMN has created these pages for the
Old Sparta loyalist. We hope you will
visit us often as we keep you informed.

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December 10, 2009


In 1997 a group of patrons from Old Sparta got together to form a sister hood for the betterment of the community. They would meet periodically to lift each other up for various and sundry reasons. Over the years growing together to become a group of close knit individuals who care about not only each other but for the needs of others, this year marked the 13 th annual Christmas gathering. As they are usually very serious minded this year they decided to simply have a little fun, at their own expense, of course. Having become of age, they decided to launch a full attack on the aging process with humor. The following is the result.

Old Sparta Hootn' Annie
Susta Hood Supper Club

* * *
Motto: "Cause I Say So"
* * *

Rules of Order:


*I pledge my head to clearer thinking
(to always know where my keys are)


*I pledge my hands to greater service
(to always cream my face at night)


*I pledge my health to better living

(to always take my stool softner)


*I pledge myself to exercise

(something besides moving my fork in my mouth)


*I pledge my talents

(to something besides organ recitals)

             (*an organ recital is when old ladies get
together to discuss their innards!)


*I pledge myself to secrecy

(not to tell every thing I know about my sustas)


*I pledge myself to maturing beauty

(not to use blue rinse on my hair)


*I pledge myself to loyalty
(to always come back next year)


*division of the Hatters                                           *President: Sandra Wheeler

Redneck Section                                                               Sponsored by: NCMN